ALLED2 officially launched EntreComp in Albanian and Serbian Language

EntreComp describes entrepreneurship as a lifelong competence, identifies what are the elements that make an entrepreneur, and describes them to create a common reference for initiatives that deal with entrepreneurial learning.

“EntreComp” is the basic EU document that helps develop entrepreneurial competencies to address economic, social and cultural challenges.

During the presentation Ms. Efka Heder, ALLED2 leader led the presentation by stating the importance of ENTRECOMP “Entrepreneurship Competence Framework” by stating that “Entrepreneurs of tomorrow are in our schools today while schools have a significant role to play in building #EntrepreneurialEcoSystem as #EntreprenurialNests.

The minister of Minister of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade at Govenment of Kosova Ms. Rozeta Hajdari and the Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation Ms. Arberie Nagavci thanked ALLED2 for this great contribution to Kosovo, by having the official launch of ENTRECOMP in Albanian and Serbian language.