About Us

About us

This is the official webpage of the project “Aligning Education and Training with Labour Market Needs – ALLED Phase II”, which is funded by the European Union, co-funded by Austrian Development Cooperation and implemented by the Austrian Development Agency. 

As presented and approved in the project inception report, the acronym “ALLED2” will be used for communication purposes.

The ALLED2 project is a continuation of ALLED 1.

For societies sustainable development, being Industry 4.0 ready, and able to compete in global markets with every citizen included, quality of education and training as well as lifelong learning are essential both for the economic growth and development of societies and the wellbeing of every citizen.

People are the most valuable resource!

For each society being able to compete in global market and being Industry 4.0 ready aligning education and training with labour market needs is a must as a constant process for smart planning and development in the long-term. Let’s move step forward towards the process through ALLED2 project as the future is in our schools today.

Recognizing that education is the backbone of every society, ALLED2 project is building on the achievements of ALLED 1. Its clear objective is to move from project-driven to process-embedded developments in Kosovo. Since the world of work and the world of education are two hands of the same body, ALLED2 aims to reduce poverty through increased labour market participation and improved employability of the people in Kosovo.