The ALLED2 project today presented the “Kosovo Skills Barometer”

The ALLED2 project funded by the European Union, co-financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation and implemented by the Austrian Development Agency, today presented the “Skills Barometer in Kosovo”
ALLED2 today proudly presented a mechanism in which it has been working for several months that will enable Kosovo for the first time through the support of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce to conduct systematic research of skills needed for the labor market, for a period of 3 to 5 years in the future.

ALLED 2 Project Director Ms. Efka Heder has described the Skills Barometer as extremely important as it will give us information on what we as economics – businesses, what skills we will need in the future to build our competitiveness and be ready for dynamic and attractive investment.
In challenging times like this, creativity, innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset ready to take on the “extra mile” is imperative. And for this we are committed to, as ALLED2 “, emphasized Mrs. Heder. She further added that being responsible for our future as it is the future in our schools TODAY sound and smart planning tools with digital solutions applied are essential.

Mr. Agon Dula, coordinator for VET and Private Sector in the ALLED2 project, stressed that through this mechanism, appointed Kosovo Skills Barometer, the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce will be able to provide our government and other skills-given institutions to be convened every three years, as an important strategic input for developing appropriate education and employment policies.

“This is a very necessary intervention in Kosovo. I am happy to see that our project is marking a strategic step forward, towards evidence-based policy-making based on the application of intelligent technology “were the words of the Ambassador of the European Union to Kosovo, H.E. . Thomas Szunyog.

On the other hand, the Ambassador of Austria in Kosovo, H.E. Christoph Weidinger emphasized that Austria remains committed to supporting the Alignment of Education with the needs of the labor market, and also mentioned the position of Austria where through the ALLED2 project they are uniting forces with the EU by creating a synergy in the launch of this very important project such as the Skills Barometer in Kosovo.

Mr. Berat Rukiqi, Director of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce thanked the ALLED2 Project, the Ambassador of the European Union and the Ambassador of Austria in Kosovo in support of the Skills Barometer in Kosovo, which is one of the most important instruments to be used in the identification of skills for work in Kosovo.