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Director: Vjollca Vuçitërna, Tel: 048 390 209; Address: St. Gëzim Hamza-Piktori P.n; Email: vjollca_tv@yahoo.com


  • Accounting
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Trade
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Law
  • Metal worker
  • Automechanics
  • Computing
  • Geodesy
  • Construction
  • Dental technician
  • Pharmacy
  • Infirmary
  • Agribusiness
  • Food processing
  • Machinery
  • Electro technology
  • Fashion design
  • Economics

Pupils: 353

Qualified teachers:


School does not offer the Initial Teacher Training (ITT)


Curricula based on professional standards by school: Po.



School has access to INTERNET and is equipped with the Computer Lab

Practical learning during the week:

Class X- 6 hours

Class XI- 9 hours

Class XII- 12 hours

School has signed MOUs with

10 businesses

The main challenges in cooperating with business are:

Lack of health insurance for students during internship

Lack of transportation for students

Small facilities in businesses and large number of students

Legal shortcoming for dual learning

Students' lack of commitment for practical learning

School needs for improving the current situation:

Professional training for teachers and management

Creating more space for cabinets

Stimulation of businesses to cooperate with schools

Supply of consumables for practical work and maintenance of equipment

Training for the application of the new curriculum, which is of particular importance for the success of the entire educational process.

Implementation of all the new curricula

Investment in new school infrastructure

School digitalization

Supplying the school with smartboards