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Director: Merita Bokshi, Tel: 0390 327 863; Address: St."Normalja e Gjakovës" P.n.; Email: shmekadrikusari@hotmail.com


  • Accounting
  • Office administration
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Administrative assistant
  • Hospitality
  • Food technology
  • Cultivator of mixed crops
  • Veterinary
  • Trade

Pupils: 683

Qualified teachers:


School does NOT offer the Inservice Teacher Training (ITT)


Are the curricula based on professional standards? Yes.



Shkolla ka qasje në internet dhe është e pajisur me kabinet të INFORMATIKËS.

Practical learning during the week:

Class X - 6 hours

Class XI - 9 hours

Class XII - 12 hours

School has signed MOUs with

34 businesses

The main challenges in cooperating with business are:

Lack of health insurance for students during internship

Businesses are reluctant to collaborate on internships

Lack of transportation for students

Small facilities in businesses and large number of students

Legal shortcomings for dual learning

School needs for improving the current situation:

Students should be motivated to learn more by both parents and teachers

Professional training for teachers and management

Curriculum development for professional schools

There should be more school space

School digitalization

Cooperation agreements between schools and businesses should be regulated at the municipal level

Management needs to exchange experiences with professional schools abroad and attend trainings related to contemporary school management.

Students who complete professional practice in businesses should be stimulated with financial means

For professional schools, the number of hours of professional practice should be increased.

Cooperation with businesses should be done with the mediation of the MED, so that the agreements are more durable.