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Director: Arif Ademaj, Tel: 039 410 054 / 039 410 390; Address: St. "7 Shtatori" P.n.; Email: shmealihadri@hotmail.com


  • Hotel & Tourism
  • Economy
  • Legal
  • Agriculture
  • Food technology
  • Veterinary
  • Agribusiness
  • Cultivation of mixed crops
  • Banking and finance
  • Office administration
  • Marketing
  • Shipping and logistics

Pupils: 504

Qualified teachers:


School offers Initial Teacher Training (ITT)


Curricula based on the standards of the profession according to the school: All profiles. Curricula based on professional standards according to MEST: Agribusiness, Economics, Food Technology, Veterinary.



Workshops Number of Workshops
Hospitality 1
Food technology 2
Economy 4
School has access to INTERNET and is equipped with the Computer Lab

Practical learning during the week:

Class X - 6 hours

Class XI - 9 hours

Class XII - 12 hours

School has signed MOUs with

2 businesses

The main challenges in cooperating with business are:

Lack of business willingness to cooperate

Lack of health insurance for students during internship

Legal shortcomings for dual learning

Lack of transportation for students

Lack of interest from students to participate in practical work in companies

High cost of equipment at businesses

School needs for improving the current situation:

Infrastructure modernization

Advancement through professional training

Need for school digitalization

Provision of protective equipment during professional practice

Health insurance for students

Supplying the school with new technological equipment such as PCs and others for carrying out the teaching process

Updating of curricula