ALLED2 is holding the Workshop with School Directors and Quality Assurance Coordinator- Second Module

After the completion of the activities planned within Module 1 of the program “Quality Assurance in Vocational Schools” (realized by Ms. Lindita Boshtrakaj and Ms. Maja Jukic), respectively the consolidation of quality assurance mechanisms at the school level, ALLED2 today has started the workshop for Module 2 of the program which will continue tomorrow, April 2, 2021, through the online platforms.

In particular the workshop will focus on: the bases of understanding quality assurance principles, as defined by KKSC; identification of data necessary for the evaluation of school performance in relation to each indicator, and the process of collecting data for self-assessment of school performance and the necessary instruments.

The Head of ADC in Kosovo, Ms. Sandra Horina expressed the gratitude and honor of participating in this workshop and emphasized the support in the Quality Assurance processes in vocational schools in Kosovo.

The Expert for Quality Assurance, Mr. Avni Gashi, thanked ADA in Kosovo, ALLED2 and all school principals together with the coordinators for quality assurance, expressing full support for the final goal, which is to gain knowledge and success for schools, school principals and coordinators.

Dr. Anton Gojani, Coordinator for Quality Assurance and Higher Education in the ALLED2 project thanked all participants, encouraging school principals and quality coordinators in capacity building to effectively coordinate self-assessment processes and gather relevant and valid data through an inclusive process.