ALLED 2, ADA/ADC in Kosovo working from home

Dear all,

ALLED2 Team and ADA/ADC in Kosovo have been closely following updates on COVID-19 since this alarming and very serious situation also reached Kosovo. With great concern, we think of and feel with all those who are particularly and personally affected by the current situation.

Taking into consideration this emergency situation, we would like to hereby inform our partners and stakeholders that the ALLED2 Project Team / ADA in Kosovo continues to operate as per normal business hours. However, due to precautionary measures in place, these operations are being undertaken remotely in order to ensure safe and sound environment for everyone.

As our Teams are equipped with all necessary equipment and documentation, your counterparts at the Project and in ADA/ADC Coordination Office are available and at your disposal for any business. They can be reached by email and cellphone, at their usual contact details.

In anticipation that the situation will normalize after a certain period, we all need to persist to work remotely and be able to hit the ground running once the emergency phase is over. As such, we will keep a positive attitude and support each other in being ready to meet the challenges in the coming period.

Do not hesitate to contact us on any matter of concern.

Finally, we wish all our partners, colleagues and beneficiaries and your families at home and abroad all the best, positive thinking, responsible action, perseverance, continued success and above all health and happiness.

ALLED2-Team and ADA/ADC in Kosovo