Launching event of the Diploma Supplement

ALLED2 Team Leader Ms. Efka Heder welcomed the European Union Office in Kosovo, Rectors Conference, and other institutions and University Representatives in the Launching event of the Diploma Supplement.

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation Prof.Dr. Dukagjin Pupovci congratulated #ALLED2 team for the great accomplishment! Diploma Supplement is a huge milestone for Higher Education in

Deputy Minister Pupuvci highlighted the importance of the DS overall process & development

The Programme Manager at European Union, Office in Kosovo, Mr. Stergios Tragoudas emphasized the importance of the Diploma Supplement within European Higher Education Area and processes. He congratulated #ALLED2 team, all partners and counterparts for carrying on this important mission.

Prof.Asoc.Dr.Artan Nimani President of the Rectors’ Conference praised #ALLED2 and thanked all Universities for the contribution & dedication during the development processes of the Diploma Supplement “Today is a special day for the entire Higher Education area in Kosovo”.

The Programme Manager at @ADCinKosovo Ms. Albulena Zaimi, applauded the work and dedication of #ALLED2 team related to the Diploma Supplement! On behalf of the @AustrianDev Ms. Zaimi reconfirmed the support and commitment of

Dr. Anton Gojani, coordinator for QA and HE stated: the implementation of the DS, facilitates communication between employers and university graduates, by enabling approximation of qualifications towards LM demands; increases transparency of qualifications and enables students progress and mobility.

Prof. Ferdije Zhushi did a thorough presentation of the Diploma Supplement development processes and results

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