Another step toward excellence

ALLED2 held the two-day training with the School Directors and Quality Assurance coordinators.

ALLED2 Team leader Ms. Efka Heder while greeting school directors and Quality Assurance coordinators stated that “Teachers are heroes of the present & schools are the hub to a brighter future” She welcomed and thanked participants for being part of this training aiming to further improvements of processes.

“I am happy to be part of this crucial training for the school directors and QA coordinators It is important to stay committed and work together towards achieving joint goals for improving the system” said Ms. Valbona Fetiu Mjeku Head of department for QA & Standards at Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation during the training!

Dr. Anton Gojani Coordinator for Quality Assurance and Higher Education clearly expressed the significance of Quality! “Quality is the key to overall education development system in Kosova and all over”! “If u do well, you always can do better!” – Dr. Gojani

ALLED2 expert Ms. Lindita Boshtrakaj during the training with SD & QA Coordinators, explained thoroughly and used different techniques to be followed on the self-evaluation reports starting from the basics to improvement and finalization of the reports, which were drafted by schools.

Mr. Skender Boshtrakaj, Coordinator for Governance in ALLED2 was delighted to welcome back all School Directors and Quality Assurance Coordinators on the second day of the training, with focus on Financial Planning for VET System in Kosovo- Proposal for Improvement!

Prof. Dr. Edmond Hajrizi rector of University of Business and Technology presented the web platform of Financial Planning for VET System in Kosova emphasizing the importance of differentiation of financial planning between general education and VET. He thanked ALLED2 and the stakeholders for the great cooperation.