ALLED2 supporting the further development of Qualifications

ALLED2 project team Ms. Efka Heder and Dr. Anton Gojani together with experts Prof.Dr. Dijana Vican (Rector of the University of Zadar) and Dr. Bardha Qirezi, had an excellent discussion with the Rector of the University of Prishtina Prof.Dr. Naser Sahiti and Vice Rectors Prof. Assoc. Dr. Albulena Blakaj Gashi and Prof. Assoc. Dr. Mimoza Ibrani. The focus of the discussion was the improvement of quality and cooperation in Higher Education and Vocational Education at local and international level as well as for the further development of the Level 5 Qualifications of the NQF (National Qualifications Framework) by linking it to Higher Education.

ALLED2 remains committed to support the development of the Education System and linking VET to Higher Education.