ALLED2 successfully held its Certification Ceremony of VET School Directors and Quality Assurance Coordinators

39 School Directors and Quality Assurance coordinators, along with 14 ToTs, have been certified by the Ministry of Education and the ALLED2 project, upon completion of the training for VET schools for Quality Assurance.

The Minister of Education, Ms. Arbërie Nagavci, said that the Quality Assurance is a government priority.

“Quality assurance is the main element, as it is also very important for the Ministry and one of its priorities. This training program was offered during timeframe of 2021 and 2022, while the internal regulations for quality assurance were drafted and piloted”, she added.

The Ambassador of Austria in Kosovo, H.E.Christoph Weidinger, emphasized the importance and significance of the ALLED2 project since it been has supporting and training VET schools in maintaining Quality Assurance mechanisms. “We must additionally focus on our latest achievement: 31 coordinators from 20 VET schools in Kosovo and school directors have participated in a comprehensive program prepared by the project. The reason why we implemented this project is to help professional schools to be more competitive”, stated H.E. Weidinger.

The Head of Cooperation in the EU Office in Kosovo, Mr. Johannes Madsen emphasized that this is a necessary intervention in Kosovo.
“The unemployment rate remains high at 17.7 percent. The biggest problem is that the inactive labor force, which remains at 60 percent, mostly women. There are many reasons why this is the case. Private businesses are not satisfied with the skills and are reluctant to employ students who have graduated from VET schools. The activities and trainings are great in this direction”

The ALLED2, Team Leader, Ms. Efka Heder, at the certification ceremony, emphasized that the trainings were conducted in 30 percent of the schools in the country level.

‘ The ALLED2 project is ready to implement this crucial process in all schools in Kosovo, in accordance with EU policies”, she added.

Dr. Anton Gojani, Coordinator for Quality Assurance and Higher Education within ALLED2 project, described the process flow from the start of the trainings up to the Certification of the Quality Assurance Coordinators and School Directors.

Key achievements through the capacity development program for improving quality assurance processes implemented in 19 VET institutions:

  • A new model for organization of Self-Assessment Teams piloted;
  • Internal mechanisms for quality assurance established and consolidated;
  • 18 VET school directors, 19 QA Coordinators and 4 teachers (members of self-assessment teams) certified for successful completion of the training and mentoring program (162 lesson hours);
  • Over 600 teachers (members of Self-Assessment Teams) reached indirectly through the support provided to improving the self-assessment processes;
  • 14 trainers on quality assurance in VETI, out of which 4 VETI directors and 10 QA Coordinators, trained, certified and available to support improvement of quality assurance processes in other VETI. 

Ms.Lindita Ibishi, ALLED2 expert was happy to conduct the trainings in question, with such enthusiastic and committed School Directors and QA Coordinators.