ALLED2 proudly contributed in the VET SUMMIT 2021

The first Summit of Vocational Education and Training was held on June 29 and 30 at ITP Prizren. During the VET SUMMIT the key role of vocational education and training in in sustainable economic growth & development Kosovo was discussed!

Kosovo Primeminister expressed his gratitude to be part of the first VET Summit. “Education & professional training are the key to employment and economic development. In order to align education with labour market needs it is crucial the involvement of the private sector!

Furthermore the Minister of Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ms. Arberie Nagavci stated during the panel that they the ministry will be working with businesses and enterprises to create jobs taking into account local demand and proper education of the workforce.

Honored to be part of the first VET Summit minister Rozeta Hajdari stated that this summit offers the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs, innovators, government & businesses to collaborate. She thanked the partners in this initiative including Austrian Development Agency, and ALLED2 project who is contributing via Entrecomp.

During the VET Summit the Minister of Ministry of Finance, Labour & Transfers Mr. Hekuran Murati expressed the special importance for businesses and jobseekers to be equally invested in VET development. Mr. Murati stressed that the government will support Vocational Education-“Our main resource is the youth”-said Minister Murati.

The Founder and Rector of University of Business and Technology, Dr. Edmond Hajrizi, during his role as a panelist in the VET Summit, stated that the Financial planning is based on indicators that represent the needs of schools. “The development of the VET platform serves as a simulation tool for various funding scenarios and ALLED2 project realized this” – said Dr. Hajrizi.

During the second day of the VET Summit, ALLED2 team leader, Ms. Efka Heder was part of the panel on the topic on VET Skills that facilitate exports, where Mrs. Heder stressed that in this summit there is a presence of excellent examples of successful Kosovar businesses that compete in global markets.

In the role of the panelist ALLED2 team leader Ms. Efka Heder stated the importance of students in schools to have an entrepreneurial mindset. The recently released the EU-Emtrecomp -Entrepreneurship Competence Framework is available in Albanian for the first time and recommended to everyone to start using it.

“ALLED2 is working at three levels: national, international & at the level of implementation by schools. 20/68 schools in Kosovo are supported. We reaffirm our commitment to improving the education system in Kosovo Entrepreneurs of the future are in our schools today” said Ms. Heder

Dr. Besnik Krasniqi during his presentation on VET SUMMIT during the panel on Future Skills Needs in Kosovo, stressed that the Skills Barometer developed by ALLED2 project is dedicated to parents, students, policy makers and businesses who are an active professional part of Kosovo.

“Our proposal is that the subject of Coding to be included in primary school curricula. This will influence children to think of a career choice in computer science as a good option” stated Ms. Zana Tabaku, head of APPDEC during VET Summit

“Developing the skills of the workforce increases the level of competitiveness and helps development at a state level. Our youth should be educated in different profiles willing to adapt to changing conditions in market as it is quite dynamic & trends change rapidly “-stated Dr. Anton Gojani, Coordinator for Quality Assurance and Higher Education in ALLED2 project