ALLED2 kicked off with the development of 12 occupation standards

ALLED2 in agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) and the Employment Agency of the Republic of Kosovo (EARK/MLSW) has initiated the development of the 12 occupational standards.

Development of 12 (twelve) Occupational Standards (in four sectors under the ALLED2 specific attention: Agriculture, Food processing, Mechanical Engineering and Energy), as listed below:

  1. Code 3114 Electronics Engineering Technicians
  2. Code 3143 Forestry Technicians
  3. Code 5131 Waiters
  4. Code 6123 Apiarists and Sericulturists (Beekeeping)
  5. Code 7132 Spray Painters and Varnishers (Car dye)
  6. Code 7213d Sheet Metal Workers (Auto sheet metal workers)
  7. Code 7233 Agricultural and Industrial Machinery Mechanics and Repairers
  8. Code 7412 Electrical Mechanics and Fitters
  9. Code 7421 Electronics Mechanics and Servicers
  10. Code 7513 Dairy Products Makers
  11. Code 7515 Food and Beverage Tasters and Graders
  12. Code 8112 Mineral and Stone Processing Plant Operators