ALLED2 held the workshop on Internal Consolidation of Quality Assurance System in VTCs!

VTC directors and Quality Assurance Coordinators are participating in the training where they will be reviewing and discussing the draft Regulation on QA in VTCs

“Quality to seen as a permanent process of improvement that contributes to development of education and training system” said Dr. AntonGojani to VTC directors & QA Coordinators while thanking them for their great contribution in this the training as part of QA activities in project.

ALLED2 team leader Ms. Efka Heder during the workshop today said that she is thrilled to be surrounded by the professionals in the QA system, and emphasized that Quality is the main key to ensure each strategic step forward and guarantee systems’ maturity!

Ms. Ferdeze Agaj-Mehmeti from the Employment Agency of the Republic of Kosovo thanked ALLED2 for organizing the training and highlighted that it is crucial for the VTC directors and QA Coordinators to be part of these trainings and contribute to further develop the system.

ALLED2 expert Ms. Lindita Boshtrakaj apart from the draft Regulation on QA in VTC and agreed steps needed to consolidate the QA system within VTCs, during her training today, she initiated the preparations for the self-assessment process for VTCs with the directors & QA coordinators!