ALLED2 held the training with Vocational Training Centers and Quality Assurance Coordinators.

ALLED2 held the training on Module 2 with Vocational Training Centers and Quality Assurance Coordinators. The training was focused on self-assessment process and aims to increase the capacity to effectively coordinate the self-assessment process, collect relevant and valid data through an inclusive process.

Dr. Anton Gojani the Coordinator for Quality Assurance and Higher Education within ALLED2 project welcomed the directors of VTCs and the QA Coordinators.

“Quality is not an act, is an attitude, a process, a procedure within the culture of lifelong learning that leads to the culture of quality” were the words of Dr. Gojani.

Mr. Agon Dula the Coordinator for VET and Private Sector emphasized the dynamics of the process of equipping VTCs with professional equipment including those that will help in digitalization of the teaching and learning processes. Equipping VTCs with professional and digital equipment directly affects the quality of VET.

Ms.Ferdeze Agaj-Mehmeti from the Employment Agency of the Republic of Flag of Kosovo EARK – stated that she was honored to be part of the training, as cooperation and experience sharing within VTCs and QA coordinators strongly contribute to further developing of the system.

Constructive group work and discussions were the highlights of this training. The inputs of the of the VTC directors and QA coordinators directly served its purpose of knowledge sharing and lifelong learning.

When the right people get together, challenges become opportunities! A very productive and useful training which will have a huge impact on the daily work of the Vocational Training Centers and the Quality Assurance Coordinators!

Dr. Anton Gojani from ALLED2 thanked the directors of VTCs and QA Coordinators for their great contribution during the training and encouraged them to apply these outcomes on their everyday activities. Quality is a highly demanding attitude within the culture of long-life learning!