ALLED2 has finalized 8 MOUs with schools and businesses

ALLED2 Project in support of cooperation between VETI & the Private Sector, has finalized 8 MOUs as cooperation agreements between the well-known company Meridian Group, Meridian Corporation, Spar Kosova, meridian Express and Furra Buka and 8 VET schools from 8 municipalities in Kosovo.

These cooperation agreements will be implemented within the Food Processing sector, as one of the sectors supported by the ALLED2 project, with the possibility of expanding this cooperation also in other sectors in which Meridian Group operates.

Mr. Agon Dula, Coordinator for VET and Private Sector expressed his happiness with the signing of the MOUs of VET schools supported by ALLED2 and Meridian Group where he emphasized the importance that this cooperation has for both the Vocational Schools and Meridian Group itself. The ALLED2 project has continuously cooperated and coordinated closely with the private sector, as in this case with the Meridian Group, who have always been ready to contribute in this respect to the implementation of many activities within the ALLED2 project.

The HR Director of the Meridian Group, Mr. RATKOCERI emphasized that the realization of on-the-job training for students in their company is done based on international practices and standards, which at the same time creates opportunities for their employment.

The skills that the students will benefit from their time spent at the Meridian Group will be manifold for their professional development, considering the many partnerships that the company has as representatives of global brands.

Mr. Kushtrim ZEBICA, ALLED2 expert, stated that Meridian Cooperation is a great example of successful business development in Kosovo business environment. Such businesses should be given more attention & be offered institutional support in the framework of cooperation with VET