ALLED 2 Project held the Consultative workshop with Quality Assurance Coordinators and School Directors

One of ALLED 2 project priorities is supporting the process of quality enhancement in vocational education and training institutions and introducing Quality Assurance practices serving to the overall qualifications system, with specific focus on improving the school-VTC based QA and better alignment with labour market. 

In this regard, a research study on the legal/policy framework for QA in VET system and actual performance of VET schools in quality assurance is being conducted. The perspective of Quality Assurance Coordinators and school directors is of crucial importance for this study therefore ALLED 2 held a workshop along with three focus group discussions with participants from the 20 VET schools targeted by the project.  

Objective of the workshop is to Identify the challenges faced by schools in implementing internal processes of QA, as well as possible solutions from the perspective of QA Coordinators and school directors